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About this site

My.TheTech.Org is a website that provides information and experiences that enhance a visit to The Tech Museum of Innovation. The website provides useful features before, during, and after your visit. You can plan out your visit by learning about exhibits that fit your interests. During your visit, the site provides a calendar of events happening at the museum and map to find your way around. By creating an account and adding TechTags, you can see the images and other media that everyone in your group created at various exhibits.

Accounts and TechTags

A visit to The Tech Museum of Innovation will involve obtaining a TechTag, an RFID-enabled barcode card that can be used in numerous scanners throughout the museum. Many of these scanners provide activity content such as images and videos that can be viewed at this website. Creating an account, where you choose a username and password, will allow you to access this site without needing a TechTag, and will link the new TechTags you obtain on future visits.

Creating an account

An account can be created by either entering a TechTag for the first time or by clicking the Sign Up button at the top right of the screen. You will need to choose a username; this can be an email address or whatever you are likely to remember. Passwords have to be at least 6 characters with both letters and numbers. Selecting and answering a security question will be useful if you don’t enter an email address. Entering your email address is optional, but is useful for resetting your password or other account needs. Your contact information will not be used for any marketing purposes.

Trouble logging in

If your username and password do not match an existing account, you may click on the Need Help link for options to find your account. If you are unable to remember your username, you may enter either an email address or a TechTag number linked to your account. If you enter your email address, your username will be emailed to you. If you enter a linked TechTag, your username will be displayed. If you forget your password, you can enter your username and answer the security question you chose earlier. If you have trouble answering your security question, a message will be sent to your email address if you included it on your account. If you’re still having trouble logging in, a message can be sent to the administrator.

Account Profile and Interests

Your account profile on My.TheTech.Org includes an avatar to represent you (chosen randomly when your account is first created), a username that is visible to other users, your language preferences, your privacy settings, TechTags that have been linked to your account, and interests that have either been indicated by your choices directly or inferred from your interaction with the museum’s exhibits. Exhibits at The Tech may be tagged with these interests, and you’ll be able to highlight just the exhibits that meet each of your interests.

Account Settings and Privacy

In Account Settings, you are able to make changes to your account, including your avatar, username, email address, password, language preference, privacy settings and text alert sign up. Your email address is recommended for lost passwords and finding your account the next time to return to The Tech. Clicking on an interest in your list will show you the exhibits that are tagged with that interest.

Account privacy is taken seriously by us at The Tech. There are three levels that can be set in My.TheTech.Org. “Everyone” allows your username and avatar to be displayed on public screens such as leaderboards and highlighted exhibit attractions. No one will have access to your private information such as email address, however. “Members of my Group” refers to people who received their tickets in the same order as yours or otherwise indicated you’re attending the museum together. This privacy setting will allow your exhibit images and other content to be seen by others in your group, as well as your location appearing on the museum map seen by your group. “Only me” will hide any exhibit content and location information from any other account.

Merging Accounts

If you return to The Tech for another visit and do not add your TechTag to your previously created account, a new account will begin to accrue information about your current visit. To connect this visit to previous ones, you should merge your account with your prior one. You will be asked the username and password of the account you wish to keep as well as the account to be merged. All visit history, plans, and exhibit content will be moved to your main account. Profile interests will be merged together wherever possible.

Adding a TechTag

Activity at The Tech is connected to each TechTag that is used. To see your visit information, as well as exhibits knowing your interests and other recorded information, you should add your TechTag to your account. In the box indicated, enter the TechTag number; this is the number appearing directly below the barcode on your TechTag. It may be entirely numeric or a combination of letters and numbers. Each TechTag can only be linked to one account profile on My.TheTech.Org. Each member of your group should have their own account to add their personal TechTag.

Activity Page

On this page of the website, you can view any exhibit content generated by your visit to The Tech. These may include still images, recorded videos, audio content, and other media or website links. These media items can be shared on social networks by clicking the social media icon on the items. All of your content from past visits will continue to appear on your activity feed. If you are attending the museum with a group, you can view the content from other members if their privacy settings allow.

Exhibits Page

Each of the exhibits at The Tech can be accessed from this webpage. The exhibits that appear on this page can be filtered by various criteria including appropriate age level, activity length, interests, and more. The view of exhibits can also be grouped into different categories such as the galleries they appear in, interest types they are tagged as, activity length, and others. The list can either be viewed in scrollable rows or in a vertical list.

Calendar Page

Museum hours, IMAX showtimes, special programming, and other events happening at The Tech can be found on the Calendar page. A one-week view is shown, and the date can be changed to see other weeks. Links to each event’s tickets can be clicked, as well as an indicator to show events for which you have tickets. Clicking on an event will provide more detail in a popup window.

Map Page

The Map page provides an interactive experience to locate and learn more about the exhibits in the museum, as well as the location of restrooms, stairs, lockers, and other facilities. The maps can be moved around by dragging on them, zoomed in and out using the + and - buttons in the lower left, and reset by clicking the button below the zooms. Clicking on any exhibit in the list or on the map will display more detail about it.


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